4 Wines To Have On Hand For A Wine And Cheese Party

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If you're planning on throwing a wine and cheese tasting party, it's important to pick a good variety of wines. You don't want to offer your guests only Chardonnay, or Merlot. What you want to have on hand is a sampling of different wine varieties that will match well with the different cheeses you select.

Ice Wine

If you'd really like to wow your guests, have an ice wine on hand. These wines are made from grapes that have frozen while on the vine. Ice wine can be made from different types of grapes, so you can get white Ice wines (Vidal blanc or Chardonnay) as well as red ice wines (Syrah or Merlot.) Most of the world's Ice Wine is made in Canada (approximately 75 percent in Ontario.)

Ice wine is sweet, but it is not too sweet because it has enough acidity to balance it out. Because it is sweet, and has a very deep flavor, it's perfect for a powerful and pungent blue cheese such as Roquefort or Gorgonzola.

Dry Riesling

If you're looking to serve a soft, semi-pungent cheese such as Brie or Camembert, then make sure to have a dry Riesling on hand. Rieslings come in two styles: dry and sweet. Sweet Riesling is a wonderful wine, but it works better with a more pungent cheese such as a blue cheese. A dry Riesling is medium bodied, and has semi-floral notes. It won't overpower the flavor of the Brie or Camembert.


Prosecco is a sparkling white wine. Prosecco is a great alternative to expensive French Champagnes because it is very affordable. It's a fantastic wine to serve with a salty cheese such as Feta. Prosecco has bright citrus and fruit notes, namely lemon and green apple. It has a medium body, and is slightly dry. The sharpness of the salty Feta is a perfect match for a dry, sparkling Prosecco.

Cabernet Sauvignon

You need to have a full-bodied red wine at your party, and Cab Sav is a perfect choice. It is a rich, dark wine with notes of black cherry, currants, fig, cedar wood and vanilla. This wine is tannin heavy, has a fruit forward palate, and the alcohol is very apparent. It's a wine that pairs exceptionally well with an aged Cheddar cheese. The dryness of the wine, and the dark fruit notes, complement the richness and sharpness of the cheddar. Softer reds, with less tannins or alcohol, will simply fail to stand up to complex, aged cheddar cheeses.

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