Fun Ways To Get Creative With Your Pizza Leftovers

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For pizza lovers, leftover slices of pizza are an inevitable part of life. Although simply reheating your pizza can be a rewarding experience, sometimes it's better to get creative with your pizza leftovers. These pizza leftover ideas can keep your reheated pizza exciting for the whole family, and will help to ensure that every last piece gets eaten. 

Grill Your Pizza

Flavorful and smokey, crisp and slightly blackened, leftover pizza is delicious when grilled. For best results, throw your slices of pizza over a medium heat and check continuously to ensure that the crust doesn't blacken. Remember: bread and crust placed directly over an open flame will burn quickly if not monitored. If your crust begins to burn, transfer the pizza to a higher level on the grill. If necessary, close the grill's lid for a little while to help melt the cheese. 

Make a Pizza Salad

Leftover pizza makes an excellent topping over a crisp green salad. Make your salad with plenty of fresh vegetables, including pickled banana peppers, diced red onions, romaine lettuce, shredded purple cabbage and cucumbers. Reheat your pizza in a skillet on medium heat for about 5 or 6 minutes. Put a lid on the skillet to ensure that the cheese melts. Next, cut the pizza into crouton-sized cubes and add it to the salad along with Italian dressing. Toss the salad and enjoy!

Reheat with Added Toppings

Breathe new life into an old stand-by. Repurpose your leftover cheese pizza into veggie or meat-lovers pizza by cooking additional toppings that can be added to the top of each slice. Reheat your pizza slices in a skillet using the method described above, then fry up the additional toppings and add them straight to the top of the pizza. You won't even recognize last night's dinner when it gets served!

Make a Hot Pizza Sandwich

Cut off the crusts from two slices of pizza, then place the pieces of pizza together with the toppings facing inward toward each other. Press the slices together in a sandwich grill and heat them up. Serve the grilled pizza sandwich and include the removed crusts as breadsticks. 

Make Pizza Breadsticks

If you've only got a one or two slices of leftover pizza and want divide them equally between several family members, cut each piece into long strips and reheat the strips in the skillet, as described above. Serve the strips of pizza as breadsticks at the next family meal. 

Try some of these ideas after the next night you order from a local restaurant like Columbus Pizza & Donair.