Affordable, Unique Catering Options For The Non-Traditional Wedding

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Is your wedding going to break the mold of typical tradition by having more simple or unique decorations, vows, and other aspects? Are you on a fairly tight budget for your wedding and don't want to go overboard by focusing on any one element? If so, then you have probably been looking for an affordable, unique way to incorporate catering into your wedding without having to spend an arm and a leg. Here are three wonderful ways to accomplish this goal:

1. Get Catering from a Small, Local Restaurant

Small restaurants in your local area are most likely always looking for extra opportunities to drum up business or generate more revenue. Therefore, it may be worth your while to contact one of these restaurants and see if they would be willing to provide catering for your wedding. If they tell you that they don't cater, you can try taking another approach by asking if they do bulk orders. If they do, just simply contact them and request a bulk order of whatever food you might want. You'll be surprised at how much the savings will be when you go through a small restaurant as opposed to a large restaurant chain.

2. Find Someone Who Can Provide Finger Sandwiches

Many people love finger sandwiches, so getting some finger sandwiches from a local company or even from one of your friends or family members may be an inexpensive catering option for your wedding. If you can get them in multiple flavors and types, then your guests will greatly appreciate the diversity, and you will most likely be complimented on your food choices during or after the reception.

3. Have a Potluck

While this may seem strange, having a potluck may actually be one of the best ways to go if you are trying to save money on catering. You will only need to provide the drinks and one or two food items this way, because as long as you mention that it is a potluck reception on your invitations, your guests will know that they need to bring food as well. Thus, there will be plenty of food for everyone, and no one will complain about your choice in food, since you are not responsible for providing the majority of it at that point.

Is your wedding on a tight budget that you really can't afford to deviate from? Is catering one of the things that has been stressing you out during your wedding planning process? If so, then your worries may finally be over. Just consider one of the three options above and see how these unique catering options will simplify the planning process and take a lot of stress off of you while still providing your guests with something deliciously wonderful to eat. For more info, contact a local catering company.